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About Us – The Modh Community

Origin of The Modh Samaj (Community) can be traced back to a small town called Modhera in the Mehasana district in the North-East region of the state Gujarat (North of Bombay) in India.

Many centuries ago, Amba Maa with eighteen hands manifested as the Devi Maa (Goddess) Matangi or Modheshwari to destroy a hideous demon called Karnat.The giant ruthless ogre was harassing the inhabitants of Modhera, causing havoc for the residents worshipping different forms of Gods, terrorizing priests and sages, desecrating the yagnas (offering of oblations) to Devas (Gods).

In memory of the famous victory, the residents of Modhera built a temple in which
they enshrined the marble idol of Amba Maa or Mother Shakti symbolizing energy,
prosperity, and happiness. The magnificent idol of Mataji with eighteen hands was
called Matangi or Modheshwari Mata symbolic of strength and valor. The residents
who were Brahmin, Gandhi or Vanik and others became fervent devotees of
Modheshwari Mata.

Over several hundred years, the residents of Modhera migrated to other parts
of Gujarat and other states of India. They relocated to districts with townships
such as Ankaleshwar, Bardoli, Bharuch, Bilimora, Bulsar, Chikhli, Dharampur,
Gandevi, Madhi, Mandavi, Mumbai, Navsari, Rajpipla, Surat and other cities of India.Subsequently, many folks of the Modh community migrated to countries such as Australia, Canada, East Africa, Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, and the Arabic Countries.

Wherever they went, they took their rich cultural heritage and their devotion to
Amba Maa or Modheshwari Mata. They mingled with the local community and
became citizens of the adopted country. However, they still maintain close contact
with their folks in India and of course their profound culture and traditions. Also,
whenever the opportunities arise they go on pilgrimage to such sacred shrines which enhance their spirituality.